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We provide the road map to building a business without the time, job security, market uncertainity and capital investment risks that are inherent in the process.

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We provide the road map to building a business without the time, job security, market uncertainity  and capital investment risks that are inherent in the process.

We are an integrated solution platform that focuses on the intersection of technology,finance, brand & business.

We combine strategic technology, finance, branding and business expertise with essential capabilities and support to help founders get over the early hurdles and indecision and build the necessary business infrastructure to pursue their ideas.

Our contribution is focussed, solution oriented and distinct. Our founders and their businesses always retain an unfair advantage unavailable in today’s start-up ecosystem.

We get you unique access to an ecosystem of founders. Founders that are battle-tested and experienced and wouldn’t ordinarily engage in start-up ventures.

Our early stage involvement gives us & you both an access to a non-linear upside only available to our customers, partners & shareholders.

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brand development.

We lead brand development — creating unique, recognisable brands built for success with today’s consumers. From the very beginning, we focus intensely on how the company, product and brand would fit into consumers’ lives and solve an unsolved problem or an unmet need.

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business plan creation.

We have developed a systematic way to rapidly create actionable business plans for new ideas and concepts. We challenge founders’ assumptions and help them recognize new opportunities with the idea that they are working on.

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market validation.

We quickly test concepts in the marketplace by helping in putting together an MVP. We accelerate real world proof of concept and maket validation. Our process gives founders confidence that their idea is worth pursuing.

Product Development
product development.

We design innovative solutions for your vision and insure flawless and perfect implementation. We design and integrate the best products and solutions for your Idea and provide business support solutions to showcase your capabilities and services.

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seed stage execution.

We take ideas off the drawing board and into the world. Our experts in sales, marketing, technology and operations will get the business of the ground for the founder. Once off the ground, founders can take back the control, or let us contribute or find alternatives to continue the growth.

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We are storytellers par excellence. We would translate the passion of an idea into a clear and compelling business case. We advise founders on fundraising and capital requirement decisions and ultimately on how to maximize the financial return on their investment of blood, sweat and time.

why we exist:

Our approach provides a better way for our founder & investor partners to bring their ideas to life.

Idea created by a new founder with little experience, following the traditional start-up path.

85% of start-ups fail immediately

95% of those left fail shortly thereafter.

Only 5% of start-ups move forward

Idea created by successful founder based on work experience in industry, fed into the nosolution process and machinery.

nosolution intervention. Super-charged brand development.

nosolution creates a brand-led business that people want to engage with.

nosolution process and solution streamlining.  All the tough work that no one wants to do, but that is critical to the business being successfull.

nosolution gets the talent needed to take the business to the next level.

An awesome idea, flawlessly executed, bolstered by technology solution and support, brand building and optimized by business planning, will result in disproportionate growth and business success.


Technolgy & business leadership

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Ruben Ghosh

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Kaneesh Dua

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Sagar Ruparelia


Divya Momaya


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An experienced, successful founder with a background in investment banking and consulting was looking to scratch an itch that had existed for years.

With the convergence of neural network processing, smartphone cameras in every parent’s pocket and the personalization trend, we saw an opportunity to disrupt the publishing category and children’s books.

our process.

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We’re always looking for our next great project. Whether you’re a CEO or a CMO looking to test a new offering, or an entrepreneur who can’t leave their day job, We’d love to talk about helping you take your idea forward.