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Beyond Enough


Client Name: Beyond Enough

Requirement :

To create Beyond Enough to educate user what is beyond enough is all about.

Technology used :

Angular 11

Node Js

Bootstrap 4

dev extreme

Implementation :

The project took about— days from concept to go-live.

About Company :

Beyond Enough (aka ‘BE’) believes it to their core to go Beyond boundaries to get the best offers, deals, discounts, vouchers, products and services for customers. As Human nature, they say that “we all crave for that little something extra – as small as an extra masala puri from our local pani puri guy”. Their thirst and hunger for more never ends. They thrive to create an Ecosystem to touch all parts of customer’s life, be it a small recharge for their phone or be it a grand international trip. The world of Beyond Enough, is a place where something special happens every day!!!

Beyond Enough is the official and most preferred ticketing partner for premium brands in India. Explore Premium Amusement Parks, Unique Tours, Gaming Adventure and other such places to visit near Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and other Indian cities. Beyond Enough offers customers 100% secure payment experience with multiple payment options like MasterCard, Visa, Rupay, Mobikwik & Paypal. Whatever is customer’s mode of payment, they can rest assured that Beyond Enough’s trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep customers transaction details confidential at all times.

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Summary Story:

Beyond Enough wanted to create a platform where the end user will be able to book tickets for various things on their website like for the Amusement Parks, Tours & Travels, and other such places to visit in Indian Cities.

Key considerations and requirements during this implementation were:

  • Domain
  • Access to all designs, photographs and content as per requirement
  • Web Hosting
  • SSL

Our Deliverables Included the following required Knowledge and skills:

  • NODE Server
  • GIT
  • Send Grid/SendinBlue Account
  • CMS Admin (App Service, Plan app service, Server SQL, database SQL)

Discovery & UX Strategy :

A crucial first step in creating a successful design for Beyond Enough’s website was the discovery process. In order to develop the best website and ensure that the new site accurately reflects and represents the business, we thoroughly analyzed their needs and met with their team and important stakeholders. We discovered more about Beyond Enough during the interviews, including who they were, what they hoped to accomplish with the website, and what they considered to be their competitive advantage.

The results of the competitive analysis and interview findings were combined to create a vision board that explored various options for the look and feel. The mood board assisted us in laying the groundwork for the brand’s look and feel because Beyond Enough was a startup and lacked strong branding.

During the wireframe phase, we used a concept known as chunking to divide the framework into smaller, more manageable steps. According to research, breaking things down makes users feel less overwhelmed and more willing to complete a signup flow (and book their ticket).

Building the Website :

We applied the design styles from the ideas to the wireframes during the design phase. The typography, colours, and imagery were all chosen by hand to convey friendliness and trust to those who use the platform. The Beyond Enough website was designed for maximum scalability and future expansion. We did not use any pre-built modules for the site, giving us complete control over the design and functionality of each feature, allowing us to build the website exactly how Beyond Enough envisioned it.

We take pride in not only creating beautiful websites for our clients, but also in ensuring that our websites are built on top of a scalable content management system (CMS) that is easy to use. On top of everything, we chose to build Beyond Enough’s custom designed website.

In addition to an easy-to-use CMS, we programmed the site with the latest responsive technology to ensure that our goal of producing an optimized user experience was met.

Test & Launching :

This website’s testing was a laborious process!

To ensure that the location settings were functioning properly, we had to run our tests from various zip code locations. In order to guarantee accurate search results, we also needed to make sure all of the tagging and filters for a storage space were functioning properly.

Before fully releasing the website for public use, we also had to ensure that the registration process, the customer’s entire ticketing experience, the date selections, and the payment collection were error-free.

When we were certain that everything was functioning as it should after thoroughly testing the site across a variety of platforms and browsers, we set a launch date and made the website live for the benefit of the sharing community.

We also gave a quick tutorial to client on how to customize each of the different areas, such as adding pages, changing content, and changing images. Then, during their own round of testing, they could practice making site updates.

The Results :

After the site was put up on the server, we were able to launch it. With a solid website in place and demonstrating all of the hard work that went into creating the new and beautiful site, Beyond Enough’s goals were met, and we created a new, elegant website. The website is now neatly designed, easy to navigate, and provides customers with a delightful experience.