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Pick and Play

Toy Store Ecommerce


Requirement :

To create admin panel for kid’s ecommerce which includes rental purchase of toys, books and puzzles based on membership plan.

Technology used :

Angular 13

Node Js

Bootstrap 4


Implementation :

The project actually estimated about 80 days from concept to go-live but due to working on a same kind of project earlier the Project only took about 30 days to go-live.

About Company :

Led by Hardee Shah, Educator and CEO, Pick and Play’s team is young, driven and passionate.

Each one of them has the fondest memories of unwrapping a new toy, playtime and sharing it with friends and cousins. Pick and Play hopes to create the same for millions of children across India.

Pick & Play has a simple goal, making playtime fun. They say that “As your own nostalgia might verify, a child’s unique curiosity to explore and grow must be encouraged and supported by every parent”. And they ensure that the little ones never run out of fun and educational play ware that help them grow into smarter, more inquisitive adults.

From toy simple to toy complex, Pick & Play has a little something for everyone. The best part is its environment friendly and won’t burn a hole in wallet. Just select favourites every week and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Join Pick and Play you can give your child the opportunity to learn and grow into the best version of them.

Summary Story:

Pick and Play wanted to create a platform for parents of kids & toddlers to encourage them for subscriptions based model and place orders against their subscription plan from the inventory available in the ecommerce platform. It will enable parents to rent toys, books and games matching their needs and place order online.

Key considerations and requirements during this implementation were:

  • Domain
  • Access to all designs, photographs and content as per requirement
  • Web Hosting
  • SSL

Our Deliverables Included the following required Knowledge and skills:

  • NODE Server
  • GIT
  • Send Grid/SendinBlue Account
  • CMS Admin (App Service, Plan app service, Server SQL, database SQL)

Discovery & UX Strategy :

Our research team analyzed everything after collecting all of the data from our calls, audits, and studies. To create the design’s user experience strategy, we drew on the knowledge we gained from our in-depth analysis of the data (UX).

The first thing we focused on was creating a new, more effective site map that made it easier for visitors to access the important details they were looking for. The sitemap and content strategy were created by us. The content strategy was essential in ensuring that only current and pertinent information from the client was included on the website. It also helped us identify content gaps where new content would need to be created and added to the website. It was time to wireframe the layout of the site after the site map and content strategy had been established.

Building the Website :

The exciting design phase began after the structural planning was finished. For the site’s fonts, we chose a friendly, upbeat, and welcoming sans serif font to allude to Little Bloom’s upbeat mission. We chose the colours, images, typefaces, and iconography that would best represent Pick and Play’s essence through design. The colour scheme for the website was selected in accordance with the requirements of the client. In this phase, we prepared brief animations that recommended upward flow.

Everything on the site’s backend has been changed and set up so that Pick and Play can keep the content current. For the best user experience on devices of all sizes and shapes, the front-end development of the website uses the most recent code on a responsive framework. The website will always be straightforward to navigate and connect with, regardless of whether someone visits on a smaller mobile phone or a huge desktop computer.

Test & Launching :

After designing the ideal website for Pick and Play, we double-checked it from front to back end. To ensure proper functionality and efficiency, we tested the website on popular devices and browsers. We meticulously combed through the site for any last-minute changes that would be required to create the ideal experience for Pick and Play and their visitors.

Once our team was confident that the site was nothing short of exceptional, we handed it over to the Pick and Play team for them to test.

We conducted another round of testing after going live, with a launch plan in place. We created an exciting and stress-free launch day for Pick and Play by working diligently and communicating thoroughly.

The Results :

Pick and Play is delighted about their new website, and the improvements in the SEO’s and the KPI’s we’ve seen through analytics suggest that website visitors are finding what they’re looking for and engaging with the site. Due to improved SEO, Pick and Play’s visibility has also increased.

Based on user feedback and our observations of how people use the site, we continue to make corrections, reconfigure, and improve it. The site is a best example of why Pick and Play is such a dominant player in their field, and the positive feedback from visitors regarding their use of the site has been extremely encouraging.