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Build Smart Ventures

Architect and Interior Designer

Client Name: Build Smart Ventures

Requirement :

To create a Platform for Architects & Interior Designers to place orders for their requirements from the inventory available in the ecommerce platform. Which will also enable end customer to find products matching their need and place orders online with and without payment.

Technology used :


Node Js

Bootstrap 4


Implementation :

The project took about 140 days from concept to go-live.

About Company :

YouBuild is an initiative of Build Smart Ventures, having their registered office in Mumbai. Build Smart Ventures aims to offer today’s consumers a smart solution for their pressing needs and wishes. They supply materials that one requires for their Home Construction and Improvement needs. Be it civil, electrical, waterproofing, plumbing, sanitation or finishing materials, their product list is extensive.

YouBuild assists Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Direct Consumers to procure branded materials from the comfort of their Office or Home – ensuring the product delivery at their door step. Customer can choose from a range of products on a single platform with the best rates on offer. They also connect customers to verified professional contractors for Civil, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Waterproofing and Painting Works.

Their Vision is “to inspire today’s consumers to buy smartly, wisely and digitally so we all can focus on making world a better place.”

And Their Mission is “to provide a rapid, transparent and hassle free experience of building materials procurement.”

Summary Story:

Build Smart Ventures wanted to create a platform for Architects & Interior Designers to place the orders for their requirements from the inventory available in their ecommerce platform. This will in turn also enable end customer to find products matching their need and place orders online with and without payment

Key considerations and requirements during this implementation were:

  • Domain
  • Access to all designs, photographs and content as per requirement
  • Amazon secure server
  • SSL
  • Payment Gateway

Our Deliverables Included the following required Knowledge and skills:

  • NODE Server
  • GIT
  • Send Grid/SendinBlue Account
  • Amazon Admin (App Service, Plan app service, Server SQL, database SQL)

Discovery & UX Strategy :

The first part of the job was an interview with the stakeholders to get an idea about the problems that they had and the ideology that they want the website to represent. We believe that it’s really important to understand the thought process of the stakeholders and to know more about their views and business before we start working on their project. Talking to the stakeholders made us aware of the view and the expectations that they had in mind about the website creation.

These were the main Pain Points that we observed during our analysis of the website that was to be made, based on these pain points and Stakeholder interview, we set a few goals:

  • Make it simpler for customers to contact you and explore the website.
  • Find a way to separate the product list into categories for new, returning, and potential customers so that you can cater to each group’s needs differently.
  • Streamline the process of explaining the brand’s principles and values, and boost customer satisfaction.

Building the Website :

The challenge was to Create a new website from scratch to establish Build Smart Ventures  presence online.  The client expected a website which was subtly designed with colours and contours, and had more visual content such as interior design images and project photos. They wanted us to Create a successful landing page which would help to attract and engage online users and then subtly guide them towards the other pages where they can come across the products range.

They wanted the overall feel of the website soothing but the content must boast a clear message and inform readers about the client’s extensive expertise and experience. They also wanted to boost the website’s SEO using targeted keywords and generate traffic, in the hopes of converting them into customers.

Test & Launching :

After the website was programmed, we began a thorough testing process. It was crucial to verify that all integration was functioning properly. To make sure everything was operating flawlessly, we tested it on various devices and browsers.

The site had to be operational as soon as it was launched because it had taken a long time to develop. For the launch process to minimize downtime while running the website live and monitoring where no issues arose, a precise plan was needed.

When everything was ready, we pushed the new site live and got right to work!

The Results :

A large number of products on the website made this project particularly difficult, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Build Smart Ventures can now be confident that they are providing customers with a delightful experience because they are equipped with a platform that will serve them for many years to come.

We were able to create the ecommerce website Build Smart Ventures had envisioned through creative problem solving and technical expertise. Build Smart Ventures is ready to attract new customers and enter the growth phase they’ve been planning for with their new robust web platform.