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Mentor My Board


Client Name: Mentor My Board

Requirement :

To create a platform to encourage director’s community interaction and provide them basic services which are required to keep them up to date. Features and services like Knowledge management, transport, meetings, mentoring, insurance, legal awareness, compliance awareness etc.

Technology used :

Angular 10

Node Js


Bootstrap 4

Implementation :

The project took about — days from concept to go-live.

About Company :

Mentor my Board creates a journey ahead for their prospective that is nurturing their professional aspirations and expectations.

MentorMyBoard is all about Creating, Enabling, and Empowering Directors in order to make sustainable and dynamic boards considering their diverse portfolio and demands made by an organization. At MMB, they offer a platform that prepares Directors for ethical leadership, robust governance practices, borderless compliance, and insights that in turn make competitive boards potentially prevalent.

They make Directors attuned to the following things

  • Perpetual Learning & Collaboration
  • Exposed to real-world board challenges
  • Critical leadership review and resolution
  • Handle diverse and exceptional boardrooms dynamics
  • Create a growth trajectory


Creating Ethical Boards and Visionary Directors Enabling / Empowering Directors towards Robust and Insightful Governance.


To be the most preferred one-stop solutions provider for Directors and Boardrooms worldwide.


To create a platform that facilitates Directors to build on their capabilities for the Board roles, get access to a community of Directors and Board services under one roof which helps them perform their roles efficiently and effectively.

Summary Story:

Mentor My Board wanted to create a community platform for Directors & mentors where they can utilize services provided by MMB also third parties like corporates, Financial tool partners, and knowledge distributor.

Idea was to build three sections, first a website for static content for MMB promotions, second for the directors club where directors can contribute toward overall growth and utilizes features provided by  MMB, and third for the MMB management portal for allowing third parties and operators to manage MMB.

Key considerations and requirements during this implementation were:

  • Domain
  • Access to all designs, photographs and content as per requirement
  • Web Hosting
  • SSL

Our Deliverables Included the following required Knowledge and skills:

  • NODE Server
  • GIT
  • Send Grid/SendinBlue Account
  • CMS Admin (App Service, Plan app service, Server SQL, database SQL)

Discovery & UX Strategy :

Multiple key stakeholder interviews, content audits, analytics analysis, and stakeholder usability tests were all part of our deep discovery process. In order to better organize everything under the new website we were developing for them, we wanted to make sure we had a solid understanding of how the entire Mentor My Board ecosystem functioned before diving into UX and design.

The majority of our work was spent investigating Mentor My Board’s present product offerings and conducting audits of their website-related concepts. Understanding the existing state of their services as a starting point provided the framework necessary to develop a successful consolidation approach.

After finishing our deep research, we first concentrated on creating the information architecture and website classification because organizing the quantity of content Mentor My Board had for their websites was the single biggest difficulty we had to deal with during this project. Creating and iterating on a sitemap assisted our team in understanding the structure of the new website.

We began help figuring out the actual content that would be on each page after the sitemap was in place. Creating wireframes to outline exactly how we wanted to put out the material across the bespoke page templates aided in this. The wireframe prototype also allowed us to begin testing the designing flow to verify it was simple to navigate and gave a positive user experience.

The flow diagrams for the membership programs were one of the most crucial aspects of our planning phase. The memberships had a distinct flow that demanded significant attention to detail in order to keep things as straightforward and basic as feasible. It also provided us with an excellent opportunity to apply tried-and-true design principles that encourage visitors to navigate the website and convert.

Building the Website :

With the UX approach in place, we began creating the site. Mentor My Board provided us with a style guide as well as brand colours and fonts to point us in the right way. We created a comprehensive visual language library for them to utilize across the site, including design fonts, patterns, picture styles, gradients, and bespoke iconography, effectively creating a full brand guide for them.

The design was a complex build because of the numerous components on their website. Every module on the site was completely customized, and it was built on top of the angular and node js frameworks. We were able to fully control the content management system (CMS) by using angular, which satisfied Mentor My Board’s requirements for customized reporting and admin roles.

We didn’t have any “uh-oh” moments that would have prompted us to make big adjustments to the designs throughout development because the site had been well-planned and strategized from the start. Despite the fact that the website was designed and contained large amounts of data, our engineers optimized everything to ensure that page load times were not compromised. We understand that it is the attention to small elements like these that may elevate a finished site from “okay” to “wow”!

Test & Launching :

After development was completed, we collaborated closely with the Mentor My Board team to test the site, make any final tweaks, and enter content. We spent a significant amount of time testing each of the many user journeys to ensure that the site was bug-free.

It was finally time to launch after months of hard work and planning! To ensure that everything was in order, we went through our pre-launch checklist to ensure that the server was ready to go, the latest code was ready to deploy, and that we had a crew ready to assist with the launch.

When the agreed-upon day and time arrived, we went live and performed another comprehensive QA to ensure that everything was running properly. By managing all of the site launch details, Mentor My Board was able to sit back and enjoy the excitement of watching their revamped site go live!

The Results :

Mentor My Board’s new website has been a big hit. And, because a website should be a living, breathing thing, Mentor My Board is well-positioned in the ecosystem to adopt modifications as their business evolves in the future.

Since the debut of their new website, the response has been unanimous: people adore it! The homepage content provides an exploring experience, with several sections highlighting the most significant elements of the site. This guides users through the rest of the site, allowing them to interact with each page. To guarantee an excellent user experience, we carefully harmonized the appearance and feel of the design with the functionality of each page.