Client Name: Pureza

Requirement :

We needed to create an Insurance Portal for Individuals & their family where they check and compare the insurance plans based on their requirements. It will enable end user or customer to find insurance across various segments like health, life, travel and motor. It will also allow to send inquiry through this portal.

Technology used :


Node Js with Prime NG

Implementation :

The project took about 18 week’s period from concept to go-live. This included 90 days post deployment support for maintenance and technical support.

About Company :

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Summary Story:

The client approached us to transform their idea into a solution that can fit into customers’ and industry needs. They were looking for an Insurance Portal that could think beyond expectations. During the development phases, we also went through many challenges. The client was looking for an extensive approach with an array of features and functionalities. We worked together to achieve innovative results.

Key considerations and requirements during this implementation were:

  • Domain
  • Access to all designs, photographs and content as per requirement
  • Amazon secure server
  • SSL

Our Deliverables Included the following required Knowledge and skills:

  • NODE Server
  • GIT
  • Send Grid/SendinBlue Account
  • Amazon Admin (App Service, Plan app service, Server SQL, database SQL)

UX Strategy :

We arrived at our User Experience strategy phase using the information collected throughout our information gathering phase. Our primary priority was to structure the site navigation so that visitors could easily locate the content they were searching for with the fewest number of clicks. We recognised the most crucial step was to determine who the users are.

We anticipated that browsing would rank among the top reasons people visited the site as it is primarily focused on insurance and works to move visitors from the top of the insurance funnel down the funnel. We added a primary CTA to the website that directs visitors to what they want to get, where they can view Portals for Pureza Insurances in order to get the best suited Insurances according to their need.

For the convenience of the sites power users, we added a search feature that enables users to enter a portion of information and be taken straight to the detail page for that insurance product. This feature gives users quick access who visit the site to view information for the products they are looking for.

We streamlined the navigation structure to make it very simple to visually browse categories and products to see what is offered because different types of users can be searching for different types of insurance.

Building the Website :

During the design phase, our goal was to create a completely functional, yet straightforward website that will appeal to all of its users while yet being interesting. We wanted to show off Pureza’s innovation with an equally inventive website that maintains Pureza’s dominance in the insurance sector, all the while giving the visitor exactly what they’re searching for.

We seamlessly incorporated the client’s strong brand identification into their online presence. By adding more content and crafting a flat, brutalist-style layout for a new and interesting design, we aimed to update the entire website with a clean, modern, and minimalistic appeal.

On a unique Angluar responsive framework, our development team built the site using best practises. The architecture faced a fun task because the product structure was different from an usual Insurance catalogue site. The hierarchy had a number of additional, uncommon levels that extended from workspace setup through database setup to all the essential integrations, which required custom scripting to complete.

Test & Launching :

We thoroughly evaluated the website from front to back after creating the ideal one for Pureza. To ensure optimal performance and effectiveness, we tested the website on widely used hardware and browser combinations. In order to provide Pureza and its visitors with the best possible experience, we thoroughly searched the website for any last-minute adjustments that might be required.

We delivered our work to the Pureza team so they could test it out once our team was certain the site was nothing short of spectacular.

After setting up a launch strategy, we conducted additional testing after going live. We made the launch day for Pureza joyful and stress-free by working hard and communicating clearly.


The Results :

After carefully evaluating, communicating, constructing, and testing, we were happy to present Pureza with a unique, modern, and simple-to-navigate website. Pureza is able to provide its visitors with an improved online experience thanks to the new straightforward, flat, and brutalist designs that were matched with a strong internal platform that enables admins to simply make adjustments and visitors to browse the site swiftly. The innovative Insurance Portal of Pureza is now complemented by an equally potent internet presence.